Our Story

Like Me For Me is a small independent Black owned retail business, who specialise in a selection of multicultural literature and toys for babies and children. The vision for Like Me For Me started in 2017, after noticing a niche in the market for culturally diverse books and toys for babies and children of black and mixed heritage. It became apparent that such products were out there but were limited, usually available overseas, specifically in the USA, poorly represented in homes, libraries and schools or extremly dear to buy.

So why the name Like Me For Me? We had two rationales behind our name. The first was we wanted babies and children to positively identify with our products and think and say "Wow this looks like me, it's for me!". The second being, for children to simply say "Like Me For Me" even if my skin is dark or my hair is thick and kinky!

Like Me For Me endeavours to promote multicultural books and toys which captures imaginations, sparks curiosity, inspires creativity and installs respect for cultural and social diversity. In turn, producing babies and children with high self-esteem and a strong sense of gratification with themselves, their culture and their heritage.



In our inclusive nature, Like Me For Me equally caters for babies and children who may not be of a black or mixed heritage, but we understand the need and the importance to provide this specific audience with positive, fun and educational products which reflect their lives, heritage and aspirations.

Our products can be purchased as learning aids or memorable gifts for babies and children. Above all, our products sold at Like Me For Me will certainly lend a hand into the positive growth and development of your loved one's childhood.

Happy shopping and remember #RepresentationMatters


Founder of Like Me For Me